Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

We offer new and Used Vacuum pumps and can offer complete servicing arrangements for most brands of vacuum pumps and blowers. Our used vacuum pumps are located in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. Our service engineers cover much of the south of the country and we have many customers in Luton, Stevenage, Harlow, Watford, Enfield, Ponders End and Park Royal.


Side Channel Pumps,  

For vacuum and pressure, dry and non contact. Maximum flow - 2800 m3/hr, Maximum Press. - 800 mbarg, Maximum Vac. - 500 mbarg. They are in many instances inter changeable with the Siemens 2BH, G Series pumps. 


Claw pumps,

Efficient positive displacement dry running pumps. Variants are available for vacuum or pressure. Based upon the positive displacement principle of two machined non contacting lobes. They rotate conversely to entrain and compress gas efficiently without lobe friction, making them virtually maintenance free. They can achieve 50 mbarA and have a range of capacities from 60 m³/hr through to more than 600 m³/hr within several sizes.



Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump,

Our units are stand alone compact systems unlike the traditional LRP which requires water supply, piping, tanks etc, which are all extra. It is complete with its own re-circulation system with reservoir and cooler making great operating savings particularly on applications with water vapour present, such as the food industry. They range models from 25m3/hr upto 235m3/hr, With different application variants and accessories to suit.


Line boasting (pressure),

Outstanding pressure overload protection for years of trouble free service. The range can serve displacements of 500m3/hr through to 4300m3/hr. We have even larger capacity pumps available with different specifications.