Compressed Air Pipework & Installations

Central Compressor Services provide complete installations and focus on energy efficiency throughout the system; a typical compressed air installation will comprise of compressor(s), dryers, filters, air receiver, pipework and a condensate management system.

There are many ways to incorporate energy efficiency into each of the installation's components: 

  • Air Compressors: Correct Pressure and Size, Energy Efficient Motors, Variable Speed Drives, Energy Efficient Controllers & Heat Recovery 
  • Pipework: Low loss pipe & pipe diameters
  • Dryers: Energy saving dryers
  • Filtration: Minimum pressure drop & regular servicing
  • Air Receiver: Adequate sizing

See the Carbon Trust's guide to compressed aIr

Heat Recovery: Typically, 94% of all input kW to compressor is turned into heat.

Space Heating: For air-cooled compressors, an electric fan forces air through an oil cooler to evacuate this heat; this hot air can be used for space heating over the winter months.

Process Heat: If your facility has a hot water requirement you could achieve even greater savings by installing a compressor with an integrated oil to water heat exchanger; the compressors waste heat is imparted on to water that can be used in many industrial process including boiler feed water. Oil to water heat exchangers can also be retro-fitted to most screw compressors. 

See the Carbon Trust's guide to heat recovery

Ringmain Systems: Central Compressor Services can install complete pipe systems in Galvanised steel, Durapipe, or Transair Aluminium. For larger installations we offer energy efficient solutions such as ring-main zoning. No job too small.

Compressor Installation                                         




You Might Also Need

  • 12V air compressors, Air brush compressors, tyre compressors, Mini compressors
  • Quick Release Couplings: We offer both hydraulic and pneumatic quick release couplings, extra-safe quick release couplings from Legris, parker, SNAP-TITE
  • Blow Guns & Air Tools: Including sanders, grinders, pistol drills,  wrenches, die grinders % air rivit tool kits, air jets, air movers, blow guns
  • Spray Equipment: High pressure, suction feed, gravity feed, air brush kits, hoses, masks and filters, eye protection, body suits
  • Adapters and Fittings: Brass fittings, stainless steel fittings, push-in fittings, compression fittings, hydraulic fittings
  • Malleable Iron & Stainless steel: Black, Galvanised, and stainless steel fittings including unions, sockets, elbows, bends etc...
  • Air Hoses: Braided PVC Hose, nylon tubing, coil hoses, high density tube, anti-spark tubing, propane hose, retractable hose