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Central Compressor Services are celebrating our 27th year of reliable and high quality service to industry. Our team of experienced service technicians perform servicing / maintenance on almost all air compressors. We swiftly respond to emergency breakdowns, and will always go the extra mile. We install complete pipework ringmain systems. Our team specialise in designing energy efficient compressed air systems, implementing a wide range of technologies to enable our customers reduce both their costs and carbon footprint; including variable speed drives and heat recovery. We hold a large stock of used air compressors at our Hertfordshire site that may be viewed running upon request. We recondition V-major and V-compact compressors for export. We are main agents for Gardner Denver Compressor parts / spares, which includes CompAir, Hydrovane, Reavel, Bellis and Morcom, Deck, Elmo Rietschle and Joy Compressors.

Air Compressor Repair

Central Compessors Services provide an emergency repair service for almost all makes and models of compressors. We repair Atlas Copco, CompAir, Hydrovane and Ingersoll rand compressors to neme just a few. We repair air compressors across London, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Air Compressor Repair

Compressor Servicing

Central compressors operate throughtout the Southeast and Central England. Our main site is sited in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire where we stock over 150 new and used compressors. Our engineers cover Hertofrdshire, Bedfordsire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire and London. In particular we have a high density of clients with air compressors in Park Royal, Stevenage, Watford, Luton, Oxford, Guilford, Slough, Farnborough, Reading, Swindon, Bedford, Hertford, Hemelhempstead, Ponders End and Brimsdown. Our engineers service all makes and model of air compressors including CompAir, Hydrovane, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, and HPC screw compressors. We can service piston compressors, screw compressors or Hydrovane compressors.

Air Compressor Servicing


New Ingersoll Rand T30, model 223 bare pump unit, 5cfm 3000psi (200bar), High pressure (15T2 or 15T4)

New CompAir L22RS, 22kW, 128cfm@7 Bar, 7-10 bar, 

New CompAir L18 Air Station, 18kW, 100cfm@10 Bar,

New CompAir L22RS, 22kW, 128cfm@7 Bar, 7-10 bar, 

New Hydrovane HV02, receiver mounted, 2.2kW, 8cfm, 10bar, 240v  and 3 phase

New Hydrovane HV05, receiver mounted, 5kW, 25cfm, 10bar, 3 phase

New Hydrovane HV07, receiver mounted, 7.5kW, 35cfm, 10bar, 3 phase

Call 01707 390 888 for next day delivery

Hydrovane Compressor, Model=HV02-RM, 2.2kw 8cfm


New Arrivals:


Refurbished VMD 1000 BroomWadetock Compressor, 1000cfm V-Major Compressor

HV15RS, 25K hours approx - 15kW energy saving compressor from Hydrovane, ~75cfm

Atlas GX11 compressor, 11kW receiver mounted compressor .

Ingersoll Rand T30 compressor, pump unit only, Model 223, NEW       

Other  Available Compressors:      


We hold a large stock of used air compressors at our Hertfordshire site in the UK. We also have facilities to recondition larger compressors such as the BroomWade V-major range. 

More Used Compressors




12V air compressors, Air brush compressors, tyre compressors, Mini compressors Quick Release Couplings: We offer both hydraulic and pneumatic quick release couplings, extra-safe quick release couplings from Legris, parker, SNAP-TITE
Blow Guns & Air Tools: Including sanders, grinders, pistol drills,  wrenches, die grinders % air rivit tool kits, air jets, air movers, blow guns
Spray Equipment: High pressure, suction feed, gravity feed, air brush kits, hoses, masks and filters, eye protection, body suits
Adapters and Fittings: Brass fittings, stainless steel fittings, push-in fittings, compression fittings, hydraulic fittings Malleable Iron & Stainless steel: Black, Galvanised, and stainless steel fittings including unions, sockets, elbows, bends etc...




Vacuum Pump Maintenance

We provide maintenance support on Vacuum Systems throught the local area. We also hold a variety of second hand vacuum pumps in stock at our Hertfordshire site.

Compressor Heat recovery

Our installation engineers always look for cost effective ways to make your compressed air production more efficient. An excellent option is to capture the waste heat from the compressor If a suitable process can be identified. The waste heat is recovered form the oil circulating inside the compressor via an oil to water heat exchanger and then piped to the process in need of heat. This technology has significantly reduced payback periods and our customer's carbon footprints.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

We are able to provide maintenance and repair for Air Conditioning systems throught Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.



Small Compressors to 7kW

We have a large range of receiver mounted compressors from 0.75 to 7kW; this includes low cost piston compressors and low noise screw and hydrovane compressors. Our Screw and Hydrovane compressors come with a 44'000 hour / 10 year warranty.

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